New wines,


At Deja Vu Wine Co. we are constantly seeking out new wines and emerging regions, expanding the portfolio and refining our idea of the contemporary wine distribution company.

The diverse range and breadth of our offer exists solely because of the long relationships we have fostered with our winery partners and understanding the needs of our customers.

This same degree of care is also present in our staff. At the time of writing the people working at Deja Vu Wine Co. have been with the company 8 years or more. Their commitment to quality and service ensures we remain a company that loves wine, but values it’s people even more.

We rely on people who are as enthusiastic about wine as we are. Opportunities to work with us will appear here.

There are currently no opportunities available.

Our Portfolio can now be accessed directly, along with our Credit Application Form and T&Cs.

We have introduced the We Recommend search tool. You can now refine your wine search by varietal, region or country. When it’s time to look at the real thing, you’re able to easily place a sample order by contacting your area manager via the links below.

This makes the task of finding and choosing wine from our collection more insightful and easier than before.

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For any enquiries email us directly or get in touch with out representatives.


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Customer Service
T: 1300 655 732
F: 1300 656 166

Barney Fallows
+61 (0) 408.516.175
Sydney CBD/North

Jennifer Anderson
+61 (0) 478.307.777
Sydney CBD/East/Inner West

Penny Claiborne
+61 (0) 413.425.952
Sydney South/South Coast

Gavin Smith
+61 (0) 424.178.350
Sydney/ACT/Southern NSW

Louise Dalglish
+61 (0) 402.903.211
ACT/Southern NSW

Bob Hughes
+61 (0) 410.307.115
Newcastle/North Coast

Marcel Thomson
+61 (0) 403.398.362
Brisbane/Sunshine Coast
On Premise

Dan Hodge
+61 (0) 413.036.224
Brisbane/Sunshine Coast
Off Premise

Mark Willoughby
+61 (0) 412.352.712
Gold Coast

Kyra Crannage
+61 (0) 438.116.847
Gold Coast/Byron Bay

Laurelle Walk
+61 (0) 418.798.899

Tara Britain
+61 (0) 420.992.304
Cairns/Port Douglas

Hadyn Petricevich
+61 (0) 466.389.200
Melbourne CBD
On Premise

Cathryn Honor
(commencing Monday 9th May)
+61 (0) 419.769.442

Kirsty Fuller 
(commencing Monday 9th May)
+61 (0) 434.565.140

William Ho

+61 (0) 414.374.191
Asian Restaurants

Greg Taberner
+61 (0) 407.837.583
Gippsland/SE Vic

Lynette Moore
+61 (0) 451.175.519
National Business Services

Caroline Clarkson
Business Services Assistant

Yukino Ochiai
+61 (0) 418.479.594
Sake Specialist

Andrew Cameron
+61 (0) 412.771.992

Peter Crannage
+61 (0) 412.678.750