Pisa/Central Otago, New Zealand


Amisfield is a Central Otago based specialist producer of Pinot Noir and aromatic white wines created from fruit grown on their Estate vineyard beneath the Pisa Mountain range in the Cromwell Basin, Central Otago. This privately owned company’s 200ha property, once a prominent high country merino station, is one of the largest single vineyard estates in the Central Otago region. Over 80ha is currently planted with the majority of the vines being over ten years old.

Amisfield wines reflect the company’s grape growing and winemaking philosophy underlining faithful expression of site, minimal winemaking intervention and ultimate fruit purity. Stringent yield management practices deliver concentrated fruit flavour, consistency and complexity derived from the range of soils found on the vineyard.

Amisfield is an accredited and committed member of the New Zealand Winegrowers’ Sustainable Winegrowing Programme centring on a quality management system and environmental sustainability.

Winemaker: Dr. Stephanie Lambert



17 Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
16/18 Chenin Blanc** 750ml
17/18 Pinot Gris 750ml
17/18 Rosé (Pinot Noir) 750ml
16 Pinot Noir (v) 750ml
15/16 Pinot Noir (v) 375ml
15 RKV Reserve Pinot Noir** (v) 750ml

*Limited (v) Vegan Friendly