Barossa Valley Cider Company

Nuriootpa, SA


In 2012 two brothers from the Barossa Valley, Oscar and Hugo Bowen, created the Barossa Valley Cider Company. They have followed very closely in the footsteps of their winemaking family, where their thirst for fermenting anything they could get their hands on initially began.

The region may generally be known for its food and wine, but Oscar and Hugo felt there was something missing and became devoted to unearthing what exactly that was. After much thought and experimentation the brothers finally found their passion lay in apples and pears, where they went on to create award-winning craft ciders.

Proudly South Australian owned and made, The Barossa Valley Cider Company strongly believe in supporting all things local. The cider is crafted using 100% hand-picked fresh fruit, where only the highest quality South Australian apples and pears are sourced from the best family owned orchids.

What makes Barossa Valley Cider Co different to most is that they use the Charmat method and champagne yeast (EC1118) to produce their cider, whereas most other ciders are carbonated. This means better fruit retention, and the development of floral yeast aromas. Using the Charmat method which is a more natural process also means the cider has a finer bead than ciders that are carbonated.

In 2014 Barossa Valley Cider Co won the inaugural ‘Champion’ Cider of the Show and Gold Medal for their Squashed Apple Cider at the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show.

Barossa Valley Cider


NV Squashed Apple Cider (5% alc/vol)* 330ml
NV Squashed Pear Cider (5% alc/vol) 330ml

*NOTE: 50L Kegs Available–Apple Cider Only