Barolo/Piedmont, Italy


The Brezza vineyards mostly lie in and around the small town of Barolo, the rest are located in Novello, Monforte d’Alba and two vineyards for Barbera and Nebbiolo d’Alba, the ‘Santa Rosalia’ site, are on the way up to Alba. In Barolo, a couple of hectares are taken up by Brezza’s famous Hotel Barolo and its wonderful ristorante.

Yet they are anything but a Hotel family who decided they might as well be in wine, nor just a successful producer who thought “…why don’t we add a Hotel”. The fact that they do both brilliantly has a fair bit to do with the traditions of the area and that the production and enjoyment of wine, hospitality and food are essentially intertwined. Already vineyard owners by the 1880’s the Brezza’s started the hotel late that decade and bottled and labelled their first wine in 1910. The fourth generation of the Brezza family now manages the Estate. Winemaker/manager Enzo Brezza has had a good look around at what other producers do, including stints in California and Australia (at Primo Estate) and is a regular host for young winemakers coming to do vintage there.

The sum of this knowledge has been mostly to eliminate faults and to gradually tweak an essentially traditional style Barolo, along with Barbera and Dolcetto, to greater levels of vibrancy and clarity. The wines are now very much like those of Cousin Maria-Teresa Mascarello, just a couple of hundred metres down the road. While the centrepiece here are the Barolo wines, from the surrounding famous vineyards of ‘Sarmassa’ and the great ‘Cannubi’, everything makes for a great tasting.

Winemaker: Enzo Brezza



14 Dolcetto d’Alba 750ml
14 Barbera d’Alba 'Santa Rosalia' 750ml
15 Nebbiolo Langhe 750ml
14 Nebbiolo d’Alba 'Santa Rosalia' 750ml
12 Barolo 750ml
13 Barolo 750ml
13 Barolo 'Castellaro' 750ml
11/12 Barolo 'Cannubi' 750ml
13 Barolo 'Cannubi' 750ml
11 Barolo 'Sarmassa' 750ml
12 Barolo 'Sarmassa' 750ml
13 Barolo 'Sarmassa' 750ml
13 Barolo 'Sarmassa' 1500ml