Serralunga / Piedmont, Italy


The Azienda Agricola (AA) Falletto vineyards, owned by Bruno Giacosa, amount to around twenty hectares of some of the most famous and desirable sites of Serralunga d’Alba and La Morra communes in the Barolo zone and Barbaresco and Neive communes of Barbaresco.

Casa Vinicola (CV) Bruno Giacosa is the label that adorns the wines made by grapes – never wine – brought in by Giacosa, always from long-standing relationships and effectively from vineyards managed with the characteristic Giacosa scrutiny. Between them, these are regarded as contenders for the great wines of Italy and are amongst the most exciting and sought-after in the world.

The Bruno Giacosa perfectionism is reflected in an aloof culture – appointments are not easy here – a legendary selection of wines for final bottling, and the relegation to bulk sale, often, of wines many producers would be overjoyed to put their names to! Some of these ‘declassifications’ and rejections are legendary and bewildering in equal measure – like that of only one (fabulous) Barbera and no Barolo or Barbaresco, being made out of the great 2006 vintage.

They have done this again with most 2010 wines. However the intensity, elegance, aromatics and almost infinite complexities and piercing finishes of an eventual Giacosa release only ever reinforce the legend.

Winemaker: Francesco Versi & Dante Scaglione

Casa Vinicola


13 Spumante Extra Brut Rose 750ml
16 Roero Arneis 750ml
15 Dolcetto d'Alba 750ml
16 Dolcetto d'Alba 750ml
14 Barbera d'Alba 750ml
15 Barbera d'Alba 750ml
15 Nebbiolo d'Alba 750ml
15 Nebbiolo Vigna Valmaggiore 750ml

AA Falletto


16/17 Dolcetto d'Alba 750ml
16 Barbera d'Alba* 750ml
15 Barbaresco 187ml
14 Barbaresco 'Rabaja'* 187ml
15 Barbaresco 'Asili'* 187ml
11 Barbaresco 'Asili' Riserva* 1.5L
14 Barolo* 750ml
12 Barolo 1.5L
13 Barolo Vigna Le Rocche Falletto* 750ml
13 Barolo Vigna Le Rocche* 1.5L
12 Barolo Vigna Le Rocche Riserva* 750ml
11 Barolo Vigne Le Rocche Riserva 750ml
12 Barolo Vigna Le Rocche* 1.5L
12 Barolo Vigna Le Rocche Riserva* 3L