Waiheke Island, New Zealand


Sam Harrop is a New Zealand Master of Wine, wine maker, international wine consultant, and author who has lived and worked abroad for many years.

Well-known for challenging conventions in the making and selling of wine internationally, in 2013 Sam returned to New Zealand with a challenge in mind: to make world-class chardonnay from an untested site on Waiheke Island, New Zealand – a region not renowned for chardonnay. The results spoke for themselves.

Following the success of this project, Cedalion has grown into a small, export-focused operation centered on single vineyards – predominantly Chardonnay and Syrah – with a focus on site expression and sympathetic winemaking.

Cedalion wines embody the values of their maker: Subtlety, singularity, and longevity. Wines are made from single vineyards chosen for their uniqueness and ability to produce a premium example of the varietal. They are a true reflection of the site in any given year.

All wines adhere to Sam’s winemaking philosophy: Hand harvesting at optimum ripeness, meticulous sorting and sympathetic intervention in the winemaking process.

Cedalion was the name of the servant in Greek Mythology who stood on the shoulders of blinded Orion to guide him to the East. The name reflects Sam’s huge respect for the many wine ‘giants’ who have contributed to his knowledge and experience along the way, as well as his own intention to do the same through his educating, writing and speaking endeavors.

Winemaker: Sam Harrop MW



15 'Arae' Chardonnay 750ml
14 'Mineral' Chardonnay 750ml
14 'Block' 31 Syrah 750ml
14 'Clonal' Syrah 750ml