Ciabot Berton

La Morra, Piedmont, Italy


Ciabot Berton is a family owned winery in La Morra, Piedmont,whose aim is to make wines, Barolo in particular, that transmit to those who taste them the passion that goes into the work as well as the richness that the land yields to the wines produced.

The history of the Ciabot Berton Winery traces its roots back to the 19th century, in 1876 when the Oberto family purchased the first vineyard. After his family having been cultivating its grapes for decades, by the end of the 1950s Luigi Oberto decided to create its own winery, known later on with the name of Ciabot Berton. From the 1990s, Luigi’s children Marco, an oenologist, and Paola, an agronomist, began working with him, and they are running now the estate.

Located at the heart of the Barolo Production Area, the Ciabot Berton Winery owns a total surface area of vineyards of around 12 hectares, of which 8 hectares are planted with Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo.

Ciabot Berton is committed to using traditional approaches to the craft of vinegrowing and winemaking, but also incorporate modern techniques and equipment when it improves quality.

Winemaking starts in the vineyards, and Ciabot Berton strive to manage the quality and flavour of the grapes so that they exhibit all the qualities and complexities the winery is looking for. Due to the steep nature of the terrain all vineyards are primarily hand-farmed. To promote quality, vineyard yields are kept very low, thus enabling the berries to ripen perfectly, being more intensively flavoured.

The wines produced by Ciabot Berton are handcrafted in the cellar.The wines express the fruit from which they are made and the vintage in which they are grown, with all other elements in balance to complement the fruit.

Winemaker: Luigi & Marco Oberto

Ciabot Berton


15 Langhe Nebbiolo 750ml
13 Barolo 750ml
13 Barolo Roggeri 750ml