Tyrnavos / Thesselay, Greece

Certified Organic


A unique winery for its standards Zafeirakis was established in Tyrnavos region in 2012. The Zafeiraki Winery is located in region ‘Palaiomylos’ in Tyrnavos.

The soil is characterized as clay with high concentration of flint stone. With respect to the environment, their aim is to highlight the unique micro-climate in the region of Tyrnavos.

The methodology of the bio-culture in our vineyards together with the non-use of specific fermentation processes and enzymes in the production contribute to this effort.

The Zafeirakis family has been involved with the viticulture in the area of Tyrnavos  for more than 100 years. Christos Zafeirakis is a fourth generation winemaker. Today he presides over eight hectares of carefully tended organic vines and is one of the champions of the rare and local variety, Limniona.

‘Christos Zafeirakis is making beautiful, organic wines at Domaine Zafeirakis in Thessaly, near the foothills of Mount Olympus.  With the Zafeirakis Chardonnay, Christos gives the grape an astonishing make-over, resulting in a wine with riesling- like acidity and flavours of lemon curd.  All across Greece winemakers are producing impressive rosé wines, but the Zafeirakis Rosé from local limniona grapes is a stand-out, with aromas of sherbet and minerality in the mouth.  Rare limniona grapes is definitely the break-out grape for Christos, and one of his most considered wines (from a comprehensive list) is the Zafeirakis Limniona.  “I came to better understand the soil in my vineyard, and limniona as a varietal, by making this wine,” he says.  “Its my choice not to make the wine loud and alcoholic, but to keep it subtle.” Yes the wine is gentle, silky and reminiscent of a fine pinot noir – much like the man himself’.

Sally Wilson — Alquimie Magazine

Winemaker: Christos Zafeirakis



17 Chardonnay/Assyrtiko* 750ml
17 Chardonnay Tyrnavos 750ml
16/17 Limniona Tyrnavos Rose 750ml
17 Syrah/Merlot Tyr* 750ml
15 Limniona Tyrnavos Red 750ml

*Screw cap