Veneto, Italy


Antonio Fattori has brought a generations-old winegrowing and making family into the modern day. In fact just over a decade ago, the Fattori speciality was to actually make some of the best known Soave’s in the world market – but mostly for other famous names!

Antonio gradually put a stop to this and his aim became to make wine from their own vineyards more vibrant and aromatic and yet retain their tradition and history. He has used modern methods to almost eliminate the use of all chemicals in the production of the wines and though they have retained their texture, current vintages display a freshness, purity and vitality that make them stand out. These are incredibly consistent, fresh and authentic whites from Garganega (for Soave) and a brilliant super-value Pinot Grigio – in either the Fattori label or the ‘entry-level’ Gregoris label.

In recent years Antonio has added some high altitude vineyards in the small zone where white (Soave) and red (Valpolicella etc) production intersect. With renovation and replanting, he has established a predominantly Corvina vineyard on deep clay over limestone which is already producing Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone of fantastic colour, depth and power.

Winemaker: Antonio Fattori

Fattori / Gregoris


17 'Gregoris' Pinot Grigio* 750ml
16/17 'Valparadiso' Pinot Grigio* 750ml
16/17 'Gregoris’ Soave* 750ml
16 'Danieli’ Soave* 750ml
17 'Danieli’ Soave* 750ml
15 Valpolicella 'Col de Bastia' 750ml
15 Valpolicella Ripasso 'Col de Bastia' 750ml
13 Amarone della Valpolicella Bastia 750ml