Las Moras

San Juan, Argentina


Finca Las Moras was born in 1992. It grew as a pioneer winery in the production of high-end wines in San Juan since the vineyard conversion by Richard Smart.

San Juan is a province located in Argentina’s central west area in the Cuyo Region. This province is one of the country’s most important wine producing areas. Its land boasts  a mountainous backdrop dotted  with valleys and tracks, all under a mainly dry temperature climate. The winemaking oasis is bordered by the Tulum, Zonda, Pedernal, Ullum, Jachal and Valle Fertil Valleys. It holds over 46,000 hectares of vines located between 600 metres above sea level in the Tulum Valley to some 1,400 metres above sea level in the Pedernal Valley. Finca Las Moras’ name originates in the blackberry trees present in our Estates located in the three main valleys of San Juan (Tulum, Zonda and Pedernal). The fruits of these trees, the blackberries, are called “Moras” in Spanish. This is the symbol of our wines: fruit at its greatest expression.

Our attractive and modern products are characterised by a great personality and a breaking spirit. Each of them possesses a different style. With a wide portfolio, exporting to over 45 countries in different continents, our winery is recognised worldwide by its unsurpassable value.

Winemaker: Eduardo Casademont

Finca Las Moras


17/18 Malbec (screw cap) 750ml
17 Cabernet Sauvignon (screw cap) 750ml
16/17 Reserva Malbec 750ml
12 'Mora Negra’ Malbec/Bonarda 750ml
11 Gran Syrah 750ml
10 Pedernal Malbec 750ml

Alma Mora*


16/17 Pinot Grigio 750ml
16/17 Malbec 750ml

*On Premise Only