Sancerre, France


Francois Crochet is located in the town of Bue, slightly south-west of Sancerre. A family owned domaine, very small at 10.5 hectares with a focus on Sauvignon Blanc, they have a classic pairing of terrors in this region, with 70% planted on chalky limestone soils (known as Caillottes) and the remaining 30% planted on a clay-chalk combination (known as Terres Blanches). The vines have a 25 year average age and the first vintage was in 2000.

What makes Francois so unique is that he was one of the very first – and for a while, one of very few – winemakers of Sauvignon to see the developments over the other side of the world (New Zealand), as something that just might have some lessons for folks at home. So the young Francois packed himself off for a vintage in Kiwi. What he brought back helped him go some way ahead of many others, in producing fresher and more technically sound (clean) wines. They didn’t lose their identity though, and remain very Sancerre, with its characteristic, herbal, honey, peach and chalky persona.

Winemaker: Francois Crochet

Francois Crochet


17 Sancerre* 750ml