Serralunga/Piedmont, Italy


Here is the ultra-traditionalist of Barolo, a devotee of latest harvests, long macerations and long years – up to four for Barolo ‘Cascina Francia’ and as many as eight for ‘Monfortino’ – in large older, inert oak botti. Nothing seems to tempt current winemaker Roberto Conterno, the 3rd generation, to waiver in pursuit of an easier or more approachable style. In fact the wines are not that forbidding really and accurately reflect their Serralunga on the ‘cusp’ of Monforte d’Alba location, with plenty of plum, dark cherry and ‘blue’ fruits supplementing the dark, smoky spices and tougher tannins of Serralunga.

‘Monfortino’, is an occasional (around every second or 3rd vintage) selection off the ‘Cascina Francia’ vineyard and is arguably and very widely regarded as, Italy’s greatest wine. ‘The ‘Cascina Francia’ bottling itself, is close to that in its own right. Barbera ‘Cascina Francia’ too, is just as spectacular a wine and almost as eagerly sought. None of this happens by accident.

Winemaker: Roberto Conterno

Giacomo Conterno


15 'Francia' Barbera d’Alba* 750ml
15 'Francia' Barbera d’Alba* 1.5L
15 'Cerretta' Barbera d'Alba* 750ml
13 'Cerretta' Barolo* 750ml
13 'Cerretta' Barolo* 1.5L
10 'Monfortino' Barolo* 750ml
10 'Monfortino' Barolo 1.5L

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