Fukui, Japan


Koshinoiso Brewing Company is a brewer that got its start in 1909 in a small village called Koshinoiso, Fukui Prefecture. The brewery moved to Fukui City in 1959. Like many craft beer makers in Japan, this brewery began by brewing Japan’s traditional Sake, then it made the natural expansion to beer when Japan’s beer laws were relaxed in 1994. This brewery’s line of beers goes by the name Echizen Fukui ‘Dios’ Beer.  With Echizen and Fukui referencing local place names, and “dios” meaning god. They offer three main beers: a pilsner, an amber, and a dark ale, and the golden ale is seasonal.



NV Echizen Fukui 'Dios' Pilsner 330ml
NV Echizen Fukui 'Dios' Golden Ale 330ml
NV Echizen Fukui 'Dios' Koshihikari Rice Ale 330ml