Luigi Pira

Serralunga/Piedmont, Italy


Giampaolo Pira took over from his father Luigi and developed from grower to producer with their first Barolo in 1993. This first wine, and those for a few years after, saw the Pira style very much in the new ‘modernist’ camp, with relatively short macerations in the ‘elephant’ version of the new-fangled roto-fermenters, followed by time in new small French oak. It was these powerful, dark, oaky yet still distinctively Serralunga wines, which were encouraged as the way ahead, by the likes of Parker and Marc de Grazia. Fast forward, and like some producers (not all) Pira has significantly modified this regime, to the point that of his 3 star crus of Serralunga, ‘Margheria’, ‘Marenca’ and the great ‘Vigna Rionda’, only the latter still gets mainly small oak.

It is a rewarding and recommended visit here on the edge of the Serralunga village, overlooking Barolo’s most sought after vineyard land. Giampaolo and Tiziana Pira offer a humble and hospitable tasting, yet one confident in the sheer personality of their 3 crus, and that the excitement and value will be seen by the visitor to stretch down through the regular Barolo, brilliant Langhe Nebbiolo and the other reds, juicy Barbera and vivid Dolcetto.

Winemaker: Giampaolo Pira

Luigi Pira


16 Dolcetto d’Alba 750ml
16 Barbera d’Alba 750ml
16 Nebbiolo Langhe 750ml
12 Barolo Serralunga 750ml
13 Barolo Serralunga 750ml
14 Barolo Serralunga 750ml
11/12 Barolo 'Margheria'* 750ml
13 Barolo 'Margheria' 750ml
09 Barolo 'Marenca'* 750ml
12 Barolo 'Marenca'* 750ml
13 Barolo 'Marenca' 750ml
12 Barolo 'Vignarionda' 750ml
13 Barolo 'Vignarionda'* 750ml