NK Selections

Calatayud/Getariako Txakolina/Montilla-Moriles, Spain


The NK Project – Niki niki, naka, naka!!!

For Pablo Alomar Salvioni, founder of Source the Earth (a fine wine wholesaler in Madrid), it began as a joke when he first shouted it several years ago on a trip to Japan, and now it’s kind of a greeting when they meet friends or are simply very happy!

NK Selections was established with a clear vision to discover artisan high quality wine from exciting vineyards, with wine made with personality. NK Blanco (white) and NK Tinto (red) are both sourced from an amazing vineyard in the Calatyud DO. The vineyards range between 40-100 years old, and are planted with Garnacha, Tempranillo and Macabeo, growing at altitude (950m) on beautiful slopes of slate and clay.

NK Txacoli is sourced from a dry grown 10-40yo vineyard in the Getariako Txakolina DO located on the North Coast of Spain in Basque country. The vineyard is planted with the grape Hondarrabi Zuri, which produces a delicate, crisp white wine with fresh acidity, and lip smacking grapey fruit. Getariako Txakolina DO is one of only three DO’s that produce this unique wine called Chacoli or Txacoli.

NK Fino is produced from 100% Pedro Ximinez grapes grown in the Montilla-Moriles DO. It is aged for six years in American Oak casks, with the classic Solera aging system and the famous veil of flor yeast.

NK Selections


16 NK Blanco (Macabeo) 750ml
17 NK Blanco (Macabeo) 750ml
15 NK Tinto (Garnacha/Tempranillo) 750ml
16 NK Txacoli (Hondarrabi Zuri) 750ml
NV NK Fino (Pedro Ximenez) 750ml