Piedmont, Italy


The Manfredi Family has a long and determined history in wine. Even in the Second World War, they delivered wine by horse-drawn wagon to grow the family business. Today it is a thriving cantina that adopts both modern and traditional practices to produce price-fighting, true to style and varietal examples of wines from the Langhe.

The winery in Farigliano is modern and specialises in taking in only quality wine, juice or grapes and producing beautifully clean and authentic wines from most of the Langhe varieties.

The other ‘secret’ to the Manfredi skills are the myriad of relationships built on generations of trust and mutual support. These give Aldo and Luigi access to grapes and bulk wine often of remarkable origins, pedigree and quality. The consistent qualities of the wines like Nebbiolo and Barbera are good evidence, and the remarkable increase in the quality of negociant wines like Barbaresco and Barolo make these the best buys in the zones for a handful of years now.

Winemaker: Gianni Marchesi



17 Moscato d’Asti* 750ml
17 Barbera d’Alba 750ml
14 Nebbiolo d'Alba 750ml
14 Barbaresco 750ml
15 Barbaresco 750ml
14 Barolo 750ml

*Screw cap 5.5% alc/vol