Regal Rogue

South Australia

Regal Rogue is born out of a desire to bring merriment back into vogue through the lost art of raising a glass and toasting the ones you’re with for the perfect Aperitif or Digestif moment. As Australia’s’ frst native vermouth, Regal Rogue are proud to celebrate the creative incarnation of this classic drink. From ‘bottoms up’ and ‘cheers’ to ‘here’s mud in your eye’ they want people to share in Regal Rogue the instant celebration calls.

Created as an engaging and personality-fuelled brand in a classic category, owner and society gent, Lord Ward, (self-titled Lord of the village of charm and aromatics) took Regal Rogue on its maiden voyage by debuting the brand on the Australian market in July 2012. With gripping faith in one hand and gusto in the other, they launched a tasting program as vivacious as the brand itself and immediately gauged how the Lords, Ladies and Barkeep of Australia perceived the country’s frst Australian native vermouth. They don’t think they are blowing their trumpet too loudly by saying the response was phenomenal. After taking all manner of feedback on board, they further groomed and delicately tweaked Regal Rogue and have prepared it for its much-anticipated global debut slated for January 2014 in UK, April 2015 in Australia and April 2018 in USA with the Regal Rogue Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé.

Regal Rogue is a unique Australian aromatic vermouth, sourced with brawn and crafted with heart for all the world to savour. Each of the Regal Rogue varietals possess boundless character and favoursome personality across the Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé varietals.

In late 2019, Regal Rogue will move into 100% organic Australian wine across the range.