Adelaide Hills, South Australia


Sam Scott is a wonderfully enthusiastic winemaker who also understands his market and the allies who get him there. Sam is recognised as a fastidious and gifted winemaker, who after a roundabout journey from fine wine retail, some time ‘on the road’, and making wine in various parts of the world, returned for a stint with another winery before going solo in his beloved Adelaide Hills.

All this enthusiasm and skill is channelled into and shared between the classics and the future of wine. The Scott label adorns Adelaide Hill’s classics like complex and Burgundian-influenced Chardonnay and elegant, structured and persistent Shiraz. It’s also applied to Sam’s Lo Zingaro (The Gypsy), a red combining the relative richness of ‘Hills’ Shiraz with emerging Italian varieties like Lagrein and Sangiovese.

Winemaker: Sam Scott



16 'The Denizen' Chardonnay 750ml
16 'Piccadilly Valley' Chardonnay 750ml
14 'Lo Zingaro' (The Gypsy)** (v) 750ml
15 'Hope Forest' Syrah (v) 750ml

*Shiraz/Sangiovese/Aglianico/Lagrein (v) Vegan Friendly