Segura Viudas

Penedes, ES


Segura Viudas dates back to the 11th century. At the beginning it was a watching tower that experienced several work extensions, which explain the presence of diverse architectural styles: Visigoth, Romanesque and Gothic.

In the 13th century the tower lost its military importance and was converted into a masia, which is the name given to country houses in Catalonia. When, at the end of the 19th century, the region became aware of the potential of the various indigenous varieties and the first steps were taken in the application of the traditional method, the winery produced its first sparkling wines.

The Spanish Cava of Segura Viudas is made using the indigenous grape varieties of the Penedes region of Spain – Parallada, Macabeo and Xarel-lo. The region became aware of the potential of the grape varieties for producing quality wines in the 19th century and Segura Viudas became a brand in 1950 but did not begin to market its wines till 1969. It has become known as a premium Spanish Sparkling wine producer since that time.

Segura Viudas


NV Reserva Brut* 750ml
NV Aria Brut 750ml
10/11 Vintage Brut* 750ml
11/12 Gran Cuvee Reserva Brut 750ml
NV Reserva Heredad Brut** 750ml
NV Reserva Heredad Brut 1500ml

*On Premise Only
**Gift-Boxed Option