& Killeen

Rutherglen, Victoria


The history of Stanton & Killeen spans seven generations and began when Rutherglen was a fledging gold mining town in the 1870s. Today, mother daughter team, Wendy and Natasha Killeen, is looking to the future by combining the best features of the old and new, continuing the tradition of making award-winning fortifieds and focusing on producing distinctive quality table wine.

Their small team is having fun with 16 varieties, including some rare and unusual Portuguese cultivars. Vineyard ecology and soil health is a priority for viticulturist Fred Morris to ensure outstanding fruit is produced from 33 hectares, including 90-year-old shiraz vines, durif, muscat and their beloved Portuguese varieties tinto cão, tinta roriz and touriga nacional. More recently planted to suit Rutherglen’s climate and soils are alvarinho, arinto, and souzão

Winemaker Andrew Drumm continues to develop the modified solera system, decades old, which produces some of Rutherglen’s most famous muscats, topaques and tawnies. These sit alongside exciting new table wines including The Prince Reserva, a complex blend of Portuguese red grapes, and traditional Rutherglen favourites, Shiraz and Durif, which display a generous palate.

Winemaker: Andrew Drumm

Stanton & Killeen


17/18 Moscato 750ml
16 Moodmere Shiraz 750ml
16 Shiraz Durif 750ml
16 Reserve Durif 750ml
NV Rutherglen Topaque 500ml
NV Rutherglen Muscat 500ml
NV Rutherglen Ruby 500ml
NV Classic Topaque 500ml
NV Classic Muscat 500ml
NV Classic Tawny 500ml
NV Grand Topaque 500ml
NV Grand Muscat 500ml
NV Rare Topaque 375ml
NV Rare Muscat 375ml
09 Vintage Fortified 750ml