Gavi/Piedmont, Italy


Stefano Massone is located in the warmer south-eastern part of the region in Gavi, where the Cortese grape achieves maximum ripeness. As this varietal tends to be very productive, rigorous vineyard management and low yields are vital to producing Cortese of high quality. This is where you will always (always) find Stefano Massone, who is far more comfortable talking to his vines than any pesky visitors.

Established in 1975, with 10 hectares planted to Cortese, the Estate remains dedicated only to producing perfect white wines, of real terroir expression. The regular cuvee, ‘Vigneto Masera’, is an essay in Cortese charm, with a melding of pear, lime leaf, mineral and honey, in a zingy package.

Stefano Massone


16/17 Gavi 'Vigneto Masera' 750ml