Awatere/Marlborough, New Zealand


Tupari (two-par-ree) takes its name from the dramatic cliffs forming the Upper Awatere Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand where the Turnbull family and pioneering winemaker Glenn Thomas have collaborated to create wines of distinction.

As true artisans, Tupari only produce small volumes of the finest quality, hand crafted wine. The Turnbull estate is situated on north-facing river terraces overlooking the Awatere River.Here, vigneron David Turnbull and his son Heath employ sustainable viticulture to harness the special characteristics of the land.

Their carefully nurtured grapes allow renowned winemaker Glenn Thomas to create sophisticated, elegant wines displaying arresting flavour intensity and finely honed structure and balance. Their combined talents form an impressive partnership committed to producing a portfolio of exceptional wines.

Winemaker: Glenn Thomas



13 Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
14 Pinot Gris 750ml
11 Dry Riesling 750ml
11 Pinot Noir 750ml