Dive into the exquisite flavours of Handago Sake from Kuni Zakari
Published on: May 20, 2024


‘Handago’ means the Handa (半田) region where Kuni Zakari has been located since 1844.

Junmai Karakuchi
国盛  半田郷  純米辛口

This Sake is made with 100% local rice from their contracted rice farmers.
Delicate citrus tones on the nose, a clean and light texture and Umami from the rice, full flavoured with fresh grape fruitiness.

‘Karakuchi’ means dry and crisp, and this Sake has a beautifully dry, crisp and clean finish.

Food Suggestion:
Miso based dishes, creamy pasta dishes, and warm stew like dishes

Category: Junmai

Junmai Ginjo

国盛  半田郷  純米吟醸

Handago Junmai Ginjo was recently honored with the prestigious ‘Judges Award’ in the Junmai division at France’s esteemed ‘Kura Master’ sake competition.

100% regional Sake specific rice Wakamizu is used.
The rice is polished slowly to 55% remaining ratio and fermented at a low temperature, taking time to complete its fermentation. This creates a very delicate, beautiful, fruity style . The aroma called ‘Ginjo-ka’ shows pear, apple and banana.
It has soft texture, medium body, fresh fruits, sweetness from rice, and delicate acidity. Long finish.


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