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Published on: August 11, 2022

Dewanosato Junmai 720ml


This Sake is fruity and aromatic Junmai with peach, melon and green herbs. It is light to medium body, beautiful balance between fruitiness, yoghurt, and steamed rice characters with hint of cinnamon. Koji sweetness is adding layer between fruity character. Clean and long finish.

Food suggestion: Tempura, Roast beef, Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, Deep fried tofu dish.

Tokubetsu Junmai 180ml can

This Sake shows lots of
rice character with fruits and citrus fragrant. Dryer style with Umami and Brazil nut character and long finish.

Food suggestion: Grilled meats and seafoods. Miso and Soy sauce flavoured dishes.

Yukimegami Junmai Daiginjo 720ml


Special Yamagata prefecture’s Sake specific rice Yuki Megami is used to make this Junmai Daiginjo. Fresh tropical fruits with a hint of yeast on nose. Palate shows soft creamy texture with lots of fruits tone, yoghurt, and clean acidity. Long and clean finish.

Food suggestion: Light cheese, vegetable dish, or fish carpaccio.
Steamed shellfish would also work very well.


 Houraisen ‘Arcadia’ I 2019 Kijoushu 720ml

Brand name Houraisen is refer from Utopia. So ‘Arcadia’ is Houraisen’s new concept to create super special Sake and work with artists from the world. 2019 is its first release. Artist of this Sake is by Haruka Asano. 
This Sake is ‘Kijoushu’, it is a part of the Sake category in Japan and is very sweet, like dessert wine. The colour is shiny gold, and on the nose there are aromas such as pear and apple, and the palate has a creamy texture, with elegant clean finish. All rice used for this Sake is grown by Houraisen without any chemical used. Many elements contribute to this beautiful Sake – very polished rice gives its beautiful elegance, the Kimoto method of fermentation creates complexity in flavour, the use of Junmai Daiginjo Sake as a part of the water used during the Sake fermentation adding clean sweetness, and then the maturation giving more texture. Only 150 bottles made.

Houraisen Akai ‘Red Rice’ Sake 720ml

This is our Akai Sake (red coloured Sake) project.  Normally rice used for Sake making is polished, so no colour and Sake is delicate, slightly sweet and low in acidity.  The rice is such an old variety, there is uncertainty as to what it is. Because this red rice was hardly polished, it has a beautiful ruby red colour, and is very lively and fruity, like cherries. It has a clean fresh acidity, good balance between Umami and tannin, with complexity. We hope you enjoy this, and ideally in a wine glass.

Food Suggestion: Tuna Carpaccio, fresh seafood, vegetable tempura, or cheese like Spanish Manchego.

Houraisen ‘Arcadia’ II 2019 Kimoto
Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Brand name Houraisen is refer from Utopia. So ‘Arcadia’ is Houraisen’s new concept to create super special Sake and work with artists from the world.
2019 is its first release. Artist of this Sake is by David Wightman. This Sake is made with the very traditional Sake making method called Kimoto. Sake made with the Kimoto method generally has much more complexity with clean acidity and layers of flavour. The shiny gold colour comes from its
aging – 2019 vintage. There are tropical fruits like banana on nose, and the palate gives a round month feel with sweetness but a clean and crisp finish.
All rice used for this Sake is grown by Houraisen without any chemical used. The rice is then polished down to 25% to create a supremely elegant Junmai Daiginjo. Only 150 bottles made.


Kunizakari Jousen Karakuchi Cup
(Replacing Jousen Cup)180ml 

Jousen’ means well selected. This is an everyday style of Sake and has all you expect – sweetness, umami, fruitiness and mild acidity. ‘Karakuchi’ means ‘dry’ and this is a very dry sake. Light bodied, crisp and clean dry finish. Very versatile with a variety of foods, and can be served cold, room temperature or warm.

Food Suggestion:
Traditional Sushi and Sashimi,and Tempura.
Hot pot or stew dish with warm
Jousen will be very enjoyable.

Kunizakari Koucha
Black Tea Umeshu 720ml 

Black tea and Umeshu blended. Ume and tropical notes on nose with almond character. Medium body Umeshu with creamy texture, the palate shows clean sweetness and good quality black tea, tannin and clean acidity. Finish is clean.

Food Suggestion:
Chilled Umeshu straight,
over ice, or cold spring water. Great for Umeshu cocktail.


Yoshinogawa Yuzu Sparkling 300ml can 

A refreshing sparkling Sake with the addition of Japanese Yuzu juice. It shows citrus aromas of Yuzu and grapefuit and the palate is elegant. The gentle bubbles, burst with citrus fruits and just a hint of bitterness to balance the clean finish.

Yoshinogawa Hiyanama 300ml

‘Nama’ means raw or fresh, as a Sake term it refers to ‘unpasteurised’.
Unpasteurised Sake has a brighter, fruitier and livelier taste. It shows fruity notes of pear, lychee and passionfruit aromas. The mouth-feel is warm with layers of flavour and its finish is long and dry.

Food Suggestion:
Grilled meats and seafoods, fresh oyster, sashimi, pickles, chawanmushi, or fresh creamy cheese.

Yoshinogawa Junmai Taruzake 720ml

Taruzake means a Sake has been matured in Japanese cedar barrels. This is an elegant and dry style Sake with fresh cedar wood character on the nose. It is light to medium bodied, clean texture with steamed rice and floral character. The finish is crisp, clean and very dry. Rice used for this Sake is all locally grown in Niigata Prefecture.

Food Suggestion:
Seafood or vegetable tempura. Hearty foods such as tonkatsu pork, braised chicken and mushrooms

Yoshinogawa Minamo Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

This is one of Yoshinogawa’s flagship Sake – Minamo. Minamo means ‘Water’s surface”. Yoshinogawa with their Sake will flow like a river and be close to your life. It takes extreme craftsmanship to blend a number of different sakes to create this wonderful, elegant Junmai Daiginjo full of finesse. Floral, generous fruit on the nose with clean texture and layers of delicious fruitiness on the palate with soft clean acidity. The finish is crips and dry. It is a great example of Niigata regional style of Sake.

Food Suggestion:
Calamari, grilled beef with salt, miso based dishes, sukiyaki, sashimi, oysters

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