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Orange, NSW

Canobolas Wines is the third oldest vineyard and one of the most significant producers of premium wine in the Orange region. The vineyard and winery were established by the Smith family in 1986. They chose the site after a lengthy search for an ideal combination of climate, soil and aspect to be able to create great wine. Sloping North to North East the vineyard rolls from 820m above sea level down to 775m at its lowest point with rich soil and excellent air drainage. It is planted with mainly Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The part of the mountain on which they are situated is the remnants of an extinct volcanic complex which erupted in several phases between 11-13 million years ago, making it a relatively recent geological feature. The basalt rock that was created by the lava flows has broken up over millions of years, forming the deep rich red soils that are excellent for grape growing and wine production. This has allowed the 38 year old vines to grow unirrigated as they can send tap roots down deep into the earth.

The blocks have varying composition, the top Chardonnay coming from the deepest red soil and the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc coming from the stoniest part to the vineyard where shards of basalt and small amounts of fine quartz fragments can be found nearer the surface.

There is a gradual change across the vineyard slope creating unique pockets of terroir. They keep the parcels separate during fermentation to tease out and discover the expression and diversity of soil within the site. Utilizing wild ferments and intervening as little as possible, the grapes are allowed to fully express themselves as they transmute into wine. The intention for each vintage is to create wines of power and grace that seek to impress on the grounds of their elegant composition.

Winemaker: Jonathon Mattick


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