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The Fattori name is documented as producing wine as far back as the early 1900’s.  It was his Grandfather, Antonio Fattori, who began planting vineyards in the surrounding area and today his grandson Antonio Fattori has brought a generations-old winegrowing into the modern day.

As recently as a few decades ago the Fattori speciality was to make some of the best-known Soave’s in the world.  After gradually phasing this out, Antonio’s aim was to transform the wines he had grown up with into wines of freshness and liveliness and to create more vibrant and aromatic styles that still retain their history and tradition. To help achieve this Antonio planted new sites, with a focus on elevation that gave him different vines for every wine at every altitude.  The backbone of their whites is still the local region Garganega and these wines are incredibly consistent, fresh and authentic. They have developed specific vineyards in Ronca for the Grigio, and the Single Vineyard Valparadiso is a noble and proud expression of this variety.

Most recently, Antonio added an estate in Valpolicella. 12 hectares located in Bastia, exactly on the valley ‘line’ between the Val d’Alpone and Val d’Illasi, in the small zone where white (Soave) and red (Valpolicella) production intersect. This is an incredibly distinct site and one of the highest altitude vineyards in the area at 450m. The shaley clay and limestone soils distinctly lack the basalt and volcanic component, commonly found at lower levels and this makes them ideal for growing Corvina, the main component of the Fattori reds.

Since its acquisition in 2009 he has transformed the site, finishing a state-of-the-art winery next to the vines, which allows him to craft Amarone and Ripasso. The gentle extraction of tannin, through the use of Ganimede tanks for fermentation, coupled with the power and a fantastic depth and colour, put these wines at the forefront of the modern expression of this area’s reds.


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