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In Praise of Shadows was a delightful and influential literary piece written in 1933 by Japanese author Junichiro Tanazaki, a poetic paean to traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Tanizaki selects praise for all things delicate and nuanced, everything softened by shadows, and the patina of age, anything understated and simply natural, and by doing so he suggests an attitude of appreciation and mindfulness, especially mindfulness of beauty, a natural beauty that is all around us, that one tends to forget or take for granted.

Tanizaki appreciates the world and its ordinary pleasures, addressing the felt quality of experience in any lived moment, not just as an end but because each such moment belongs to a lifelong series in which beauty and richness of experience are important components of a good life.

Life is our greatest gift, and we only get one go at it, so be sure to embrace the journey and capture the ‘moments’ along the way. See that sunrise and sunset again at the end of the day, laugh with friends, hug those that you love and embrace those that are lifted by you, just being you. Feel the sand in your toes, the water at your feet and the breeze in your hair as the birds sing.

We are all living the greatest story ever written and can impact that story in so many ways if we choose to be present and truly live our best life! Capture every perfectly imperfect moment…….

In Praise of Shadows is an epiphany of life!

Sourcing fruit from established & sought-after family vineyards (some Organic & Biodynamic), which surround our home among the higher & cooler climbs of McLaren Vale.

They make bright, energetic and soulful wines that are true to their origins and the soil in which the grapes were grown.

Wines that make great company for a quiet night before the fire as much as they do for the craziest times when your ribs hurt so much from laughter.

All I.P.O.S wines are vegan friendly & bottled unfined & unfiltered, wines of minimal intervention, made in a lo-fi style that stand testament to the beauty of nature.

Brett Trewartha & Rob Mack


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