Raise a toast to the Year of the Dragon this Lunar New Year with Mars Whisky!
Published on: January 18, 2024

Mars Iwai Whisky 
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 40%

 A rich gold whisky with light, sweet and floral fragrances with notes of sweet pear and dark cacao. It has a beautiful soft body with underlying flavours of dried fig and allspice with a soft malt finish and hints of ginger cookies and honey milk. Aged in bourbon, sherry, American white oaks.

Mars Iwai ‘Tradition’
Nagano Japan

ALC/VOL: 40%

A rich gold whisky with complex, sweet honey and malt fragrances. With note of burnt sugar cane, sweet peat, orange marmalade, cedar and cigar.

This whisky has a distinctively rich full bodied finish. Aged in bourbon, sherry, American white oak and Mizunara casks.

Mars The Lucky Cat 
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 40%

This is The Lucky Cat ‘Luna’ Series No 7. All the cats in this series were rescued by Mr. Hombo, President of Mars Whisky, and his family.

Caramel, cacao, and brown sugar on the nose, bitterness, and sweetness like Gâteau au Chocolat and rum raisins on the palate.The finish is elegant and long.

Mars Maltage ‘Cosmo’ Blended Whisky  
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 43%

A bright amber coloured whisky with complex, sweet and ripe fruit aromas with a hint of spice/nutmeg. It has a soft and elegant body with vanilla custard, honey, caramel and cinnamon flavours on the palate. A long finish and smoky finish with delicate malt character.

Mars Maltage ‘Cosmo’
Wine Cask Finish
Nagano Japan

ALC/VOL: 43%

The shiny ruby red colour is extracted from red wine cask. On the nose, fruitiness and warm spiciness are present.

It has soft and round mouthfeel, and Umami from the red wine cask interact very well with Cosmo’s ripe fruit character with vanilla and cinnamon flavours as a result of further maturation in red wine casks.  A long finish with elegant tannins and black tea.

Mars Maltage ‘Cosmo’ Manzanilla
Cask Finish  
Nagano Japan

ALC/VOL: 42%

This is a limited bottling of Cosmo, which has been extra-seasoned in dry Spanish sherry Manzanilla casks. It is soft on palate, having rich aromas, such as dried fruits, brown sugar and maple syrup that came from the casks, along with a slight bitterness, coconut and chocolate flavours in harmony.

Mars Komagatake ‘Limited Edition’ Single Malt 2020
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 50%

Ripe prune, sweet acacia honey and vanilla on the nose and initial orange flavour on the palate followed by the soft bitterness of cacao with a soft mouthfeel.   Long and clean finish with lingering elegant sweetness.

Mars Komagatake ‘Limited Edition’ Single Malt  2021
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 48%

The palate shows the sweetness of honey, melon, and ripe persimmon fruits, also the hazelnut character from Sherry cask. Smooth and elegant finish.

Mars Tsunuki
‘The Peated’
Single Malt 2020
Nagano, Japan

ALC/VOL: 50%

This single malt was matured in bourbon barrels and is a showcase of peat character. It has shiny amber colour as a sign of age.   The nose shows sweet scents like banana, honey and custard with gorgeous peat smokiness. Clean warm textured mouthfeel is followed by barley and crisp apple, and the finish is long and complex with peat and hints of yellow fruits.

Mars Tsunuki
Single Malt 2022 
Nagano Japan

ALC/VOL: 50%

The majority of this single malt was matured in bourbon barrels. It has an amber colour. On the nose, fresh sweetness such as lemon cake, black tea, and a whiff of smoke at first, followed by cacao, azuki beans, butter toast, and milk candy. Bitter and sweet fruitiness like Orangette on the palate, and finish is long and complex with generous sweetness.

Mars The YA #01 Blended Malt Whisky
Nagano and Kagoshima

ALC/VOL: 52%

Mars ‘The Y.A.’ refers to the Yakushima Aging.

This whisky is a blend of malt from Mars Komagatake Distillery in Nagano and Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima, which was aged in mainly bourbon barrels on the small island of Yakushima, a UNESCO World Heritage site and rainforest off the coast of Kyushu in the South of Japan.

Sweet notes of tropical fruits such as orange, pineapple, and banana, and hints of vanilla and caramel on the nose.

The palate shows a beautiful balance between juicy fruitiness and a slight saltiness with a rich texture.  Fruitiness and elegant malt lead to a long finish.

Enjoy an expression of the tropical environment of Yakushima Island.

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