Samos… the caretakers of White Muscat
Published on: May 4, 2023

The Samos Cooperative has the honour of presiding over Greece’s best known, oldest origin-controlled and most highly regarded appellation – Protected Designation of Origin Samos.

One of Greece’s original cooperatives,
the Samos takes very seriously its role as guardian of the island’s famous Muscat tradition. Today the reputation of its wines is firmly restored to the glory they knew during the era of Phylloxera in France in the nineteenth century.

In Samos, the White Muscat grape reigns king. Also known as the Muscat blanc à petits grains, in Greece it sometimes goes by the name of Moschoudi.

This is a noble variety, popular around the Mediterranean basin and widely planted in other parts of Greece. However, only in Samos does it produce the fat, luscious wines for which the island is known.

Mythology, history and the characteristic name “Ampelos” (Vine) given for one of the two mountain ranges that dominate the island, are key words when one thinks about the Samos vineyard with the typical dry-stone terraces and the cup-shaped vines.

Legend has it that the god Dionysus himself taught the Samians all about vine growing and winemaking in order to thank them for the help they provided to defeat the Amazons.

The vineyards are semi-mountainous and mountainous with moderately fertile soil. They are not irrigated. The vines are cup shaped and spread out all over Samos but mainly on the slopes of Mount Ampelos, at an altitude of up to 900 meters. The average age of the vineyards is 30 years, but there are also vineyards which are even older, more than 100 years old.

2021 Phyllas Vin Doux Muscat

With a particularly bright yellowish color, “Phyllas” is produced from organically farmed vineyards. It is expressed with primary aromas of dried apricot and fruit preserves in an intense and harmonious way. Its taste is soft and sweet, balanced out due to the nice acidity.

Its elegant and harmonious mouth, with the sweet notes of Muscat, is set on an aromatic background of ripe fruit and nuts.

It is an ideal confectionery companion for sweets based on fresh fruit, such as fruit tarts and bavaroise with fruits as well as fruit confits.

Served at 10-12ο C.

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