Nikos Douloufakis… pioneering indigenous varieties for the next generation!
Published on: April 20, 2023

Nikos Douloufakis… pioneering indigenous varieties for the next generation.

Located in the centre of Crete, the Douloufakis winery is now looked after by third generation Nikos Douloufakis who has put this estate on the world map.  Nikos is almost entirely responsible for the premium representation of Vidiano, a landmark variety for the winery as well as a source of inspiration and creativity.

“I belong to the third generation of winemakers, following the footsteps of my grandfather and father. Wine for me is much more than a simple word… It is my profession, my hobby, my pleasure! Engaged with wine, I am a part of a tradition and a culture that goes back more than four thousand years in this place.”
Nikos Douloufakis 

Nikos’ sons  – George & Dimitrii have grown up surrounded by vines and have gained valuable experience working alongside their grandfather and father in the vineyards. They are actively involved in all the operations of the family winery. Dimitrii is currently nearing the end of his oenology studies in Athens. 

What is Vidiano?

Vidiano is an old indigenous white wine variety from Crete. Written references to Vidiano are recorded as early as 1249, but by the end of the 20th century, the variety had largely been forgotten. Vines of Vidiano remained scattered among other varieties in the old vineyards of Crete, and winemakers began to recognise its potential and the importance of dedicating vine acreage to its revival.

It is a vigorous and productive variety, late-ripening in the Dafnes vineyard and resistant to heat. Vidiano gives us wines with rich, fruity aromas, full body and balanced acidity. The strong points of the wine are its volume, its ageing potential and its surprising evolution over time. Those three characteristics make it unique, since there aren’t many varieties in Greece featuring such qualities.

2021 Douloufakis Dafnios Vidiano

“Dafnios” derives from the name of the village, Dafnes. Pale golden colour. Peach and apricot aromas are dominant and quince traces. There are floral notes of chamomile, jasmine and herbs. Rich flavour with the same dominant aromas. On the palate well-balanced acidity, full-bodied with a fine finish.

2021 Aspros Lagos Vidiano

“Aspros Lagos” means “White Hare” and is the placename of the vineyard.

Its aroma is of white flowers and citrus fruits, with a delicate buttery bouquet of a slight beeswax scent, apricot, linden and melon. A rich flavour that, while being aged in bottle, gets velvet, buttery and develops a dense apricot character.

What is Liatiko?

A unique variety, that dates back to the 3rd and 2nd century BC. As it has perfectly adapted to the warm climate of Crete, Liatiko manages to create delicate wines, full of finesse that can accompany every meal. This unique variety gives each wine an exquisite bouquet of aromas, with fresh red fruits dominating.

2019 Dafnios Liatiko

Concentrated aromas of fresh red fruits, herbs and light floral aromas. As it ages, it develops a unique bouquet of ripe fruits, leather and spices. It has a light body, good acidity, soft and delicious tannins and long aftertaste.

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